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NFT Storage

One of the biggest challenges for NFTs is decentralized storage and data permanence. While most NFTs utilize IPFS for data storage, there is often a centralized point of failure, i.e. images themselves are hosted on a centralized server. In the event the centralized web server went offline, decided to censor the project in question, or the project creators were unable to pay for hosting costs for any reason, the image linked to the NFT would become null and potentially unrecoverable.
MicroBuddies attempts to solve this efficiently by ensuring all of the base traits comprising a MicroBuddy are stored over IPFS via a service from Protocol Labs (the creators of IPFS and Filecoin), named simply NFT Storage. NFT Storage aims to provide free, decentralized data storage that preserves NFT permanence. Because we will store the traits themselves, the file size is under 100MB, small enough for almost anyone to download as a backup.
So, in the event of a worst-case-scenario centralized failure, anybody with the trait images can then reference them to the on-chain DNA and reconstruct all of the MicroBuddies in the game along with the front-end. MicroBuddies is setup to exist for as long as people desire it to.


At current, Good Gaming can redeploy game contracts to fix bugs and make balance changes as necessary to the game. All updates are placed behind a 48 hour timelock before they go live so that players have ample time to react. Timelocks are viewable <here>.
To protect users in the event of an emergency, the pause function is not behind a timelock.

Code Audits

MicroBuddies aims to be audited by a reputable cybersecurity company. We will provide a link to the audit on our github page once it is complete.
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