GOO Production

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Every non-barren MicroBuddy produces GOO. The amount of GOO a MicroBuddy produces is measured in Goo Per Day (GPD) and is determined by:

Gross GPD

A MicroBuddy species, as well as each of its dominant traits, determines its gross GOO per day (GGPD). The productivity of each trait is directly correlated to its rarity. Below you can see the formula for GGPD and how the value for each variable is determined.
For each dominant trait, add:
DominantValue2SpeciesValueDominantValue^2 * SpeciesValue

Species Value


Dominant Value

Trait Type
ID * 3
Body Pattern
ID * 2
Body Color
ID * 3

Fertility GPD

Fertility also plays a big role in GOO production. After calculations are made for the gross GPD, it is then multiplied by a value equal to:
ReplicationsRemaining/5ReplicationsRemaining / 5
This ultimately means that a MicroBuddy will produce 20% more/less GOO for each replication it has over/under 5, respectively.
Fertility GPD could also be referred to as Adjusted Gross GOO per Day (AGGPD)

Peg Value

After ALL other calculations have been made, a MicroBuddy's adjusted GGPD value is multiplied by the "Peg Value", a global value that aims to peg the supply of GOO to 5 billion. You can read more about the Peg Value and how it is calculated here.

GOO Collection

The GOO a MicroBuddy produces will need to be minted at the GOO extractor in-game. However, GOO does not endlessly accumulate for a MicroBuddy. In order to prevent inactivity and hoarding inflation, a MicroBuddy can only hold 90 * GGPD. Once a buddy reaches this limit, it will become encumbered, so players will need to actively extract and transfer their buddy's GOO from time to time to keep it productive.
GOO extraction has a 5 minute cooldown for each MicroBuddy

Black Holes

There are two special buddies in the game, known as Black Hole buddies. These buddies are held by the Black Hole and GOO smart contracts in order to facilitate the transfer and storage of GOO necessary for gameplay, so that there is no risk that one of the smart contracts will reach capacity and prevent gameplay.