About MicroBuddies™
The story of MicroBuddies - Lovable, self-replicating microbes!
This Website and the MICROBUDDIES™ game are currently under development. The contents of this site and all materials, including but not limited to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other policies included on this Website are consequently not final and are subject to change or modification.
MicroBuddies is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) strategy game about 10 species of cute, lovable Microbes that passively produce a virtual currency called GOO.
Unlike other breeding games, MicroBuddies reproduce aesexually through a process called replication. Replicating a MicroBuddy requires GOO and will create a new MicroBuddy of the next generation with traits inherited from its parent. The better a MicroBuddy's traits become, the more GOO it produces (and the cooler it looks!).
The MicroBuddies game world contains a number of tools for players to leverage in order to enhance their MicroBuddy's traits with each new replication. However, player's must think carefully and strategically about how they use these tools, as each MicroBuddy has a finite number of replications before it becomes barren.
The first 2,500 MicroBuddies, Generation 0, can be synthesized by anyone who owns a Nano Factory Token purchased exclusively during the MicroBuddies Genesis Event on the Ethereum blockchain. Learn how to setup MetaMask and purchase a Nano Factory Token.
All non-barren MicroBuddies will be descendents of this hyper-scarce set of 2,500 Buddies!
MicroBuddies will be played on the Polygon blockchain. Nano Factory Tokens will be airdropped to all holders from the Ethereum blockchain when the Genesis Event concludes. Learn how to setup MetaMask and connect to Polygon.

The Vision

We believe the property rights of items in video games belong to the player, and blockchain technology enables this vision to be realized.
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The Vision