Acquiring MicroBuddies

This Website and the MICROBUDDIES™ game are currently under development. The contents of this site and all materials, including but not limited to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other policies included on this Website are consequently not final and are subject to change or modification.
Acquiring a MicroBuddy will require a cryptocurrency wallet such as Metamask and some MATIC to pay network fees on the blockchain. Learn more about setting up Metamask here and connecting to the Polygon blockchain here.

Genesis Event

The Genesis event started on May 28th at https://microbuddies.io and is currently ongoing. 2500 Nano Factory Tokens are being sold to early adopters for 0.05-0.15 ETH each. These Factories will give birth to the original set of MicroBuddies (generation 0) that the rest of the game will spawn from. After the genesis event, propsective players will need to purchase a MicroBuddy from an existing player on OpenSea.


Players and collectors alike are able to list and auction MicroBuddies on OpenSea. The price of any given MicroBuddy on OpenSea will be determined by the market, and some MicroBuddies may have characteristics that command a higher market price as determined by market participants.
Click here to see all of the MicroBuddies available on OpenSea.
Make sure to check out these security recommendations before purchasing a buddy!