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There are 10 different species of MicroBuddy, each with their own unique genealogies. Our nanobiologists categorized each MicroBuddy species into a rarity pool based on their saturation at Genesis and their ability to produce GOO. Each MicroBuddy species essentially represents its own individual game, with the common denominator between all species being GOO!
  • 4 Common Species: 1255 minted at Genesis
    • Algae: 400 minted at Genesis
    • Protozoa: 325 minted at Genesis
    • Protist: 325 minted at Genesis
    • Archaea: 205 minted at Genesis
  • 3 Rares: 755 minted at Genesis
    • Amoeba: 300 minted at Genesis
    • Bacteria: 250 minted at Genesis
    • Virus: 205 minted at Genesis
  • 2 Legendary: 450 minted at Genesis
    • Fungi: 250 minted at Genesis
    • Yeast: 200 minted at Genesis
  • 1 Exalted: 30 minted at Genesis
    • Waterbear: 30 minted at Genesis
In addition to the 2490 MicroBuddies above, an additional 10 "Founder" MicroBuddies will be minted. "FounderBuddies" are barren (cannot replicate and do not naturally produce GOO). Instead, they will produce a percentage of the game's fees in order to incentivize the holders to support the growth of the game itself.